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Anuera manufactures handcrafted essential oil products and offers several standard blends, however custom blend requests are welcomed. We invite you to click on the links above and learn more about living a healthier life using non-toxic, all-natural home and personal care products. Anuera is focused on providing high-quality products, service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet or exceed your expectations. Be sure to visit the website often and save money with our frequent specials!

'Breast' Body Cream Note: foot cream shown.

In October it is easy to remember that breast cancer is something we need to be aware of. We also need to be aware of how we can support breast health. To show our support for BREAST HEALTH we are offering you $3 off of an 8-oz jar of Anuera's "Breast" Body Cream.

This cream is a special blend of all-natural ingredients and specially selected therapeutic-grade essential oils. Apply on and around breast tissue for ease in conducting self-exams. This cream has been enhanced with blue green algae tincture and grapefruit essential oil to support and stimulate the lymphatic system and also promote the release of toxins in the breast area.

8 oz. "Breast" Body Cream — $15.00 $12.00

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Have fun while earning Host Rewards when you host your own Anuera home party. Hosting an Anuera home party is a fun, easy way to earn free and discounted products while sharing these amazing, non-toxic essential oil products with friends, family and co-workers. These casual gatherings can be conducted in your home, a clubhouse, banquet room or other location of your choice. Invite a few friends and Anuera representatives will present an overview of the benefits in using essential oils and Anuera's all-natural products. These events are also a great time to discuss custom blends for individual needs. Hostesses receive their choice of a free gift pack, plus earn reward points that can be redeemed towards the purchase of other products by Anuera. Use the "Contact Us" form on this website to book a date or to request additional information.

Be sure to Like us on Facebook or check here for monthly specials. Order direct from the website and we will arrange for local pickup or delivery. There are also several retailers in Idaho who carry our products. Call the retailer of your choice to see if they carry the products you prefer. If not, ask them to order those products so you can buy them at that location. We also do home parties, which is a great way to earn free products! Use the Contact Us form to request more information on hosting a home party.

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Getting our strong American economy back with more jobs and goods being made right here simply means that we as individuals and business managers make a decision to ask for and buy products that are made in the United States. In the case where no products are available (as is often the case nowadays) find a way to let the store and/or chain management know. If you want American products, Ask for them! Buy them!

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