To all our valued customers ~

After careful consideration we have decided to discontinue Anuera, LLC and its product line. Our primary goal when we started the business five years ago was to help educate people as to healthier choices for household cleaning products and personal care products. We hoped people would start caring more about what they put ON their bodies, in addition to what they put IN their bodies. So many everyday mainstream products had become toxic, with very few healthy alternatives.

Today, we feel much has been accomplished in raising that awareness and are pleased to know many of those everyday products are now being offered with natural ingredients instead of the toxic chemicals promoted in the past. Those who care will need to continue to be selective in their product choices and we applaud those who will even go so far as to make their own products at home to ensure their contents' purity. Either way, we believe Anuera accomplished its goal in that regard.

We want to thank all of our loyal customers who supported the business and trusted Anuera to provide healthy, and top quality products at a price everyone could afford. Our focus is shifting to family needs at this time, so please know we thank you, we appreciated your support and we wish you all good health and the happiness good choices will bring you throughout 2016 and beyond. It was a pleasure doing business with you!

Shain Carey & Kathy Mullen

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